Review On Blood Sisters By Jane Corry

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Review on Blood Sisters by Jane Corry

How close you are with your sibling? How is your relationship with your sibling, is it Good or Bad.

Sibling rivalry is nothing but fights to gain attention from people around. Its true kids will be treated different as per their age and parents would guide them to walk in the proper step.But some kids turn out to be spoilt brat who can never understand what the other one is going through. Many a times you say things which actually would hurt the other sibling but you wouldn’t even realise it. When sibling fight it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other, they are just not ready to accept the tiny changes which happen in a days’ time. This book is about Alison and her sister Kitty. Many a times we read only love stories, but this book is about sisters who do not treat each other in the right way. All they do is argue, fight and accuse each other. Alison being the elder one was always cornered by Kitty. But one accident changed the whole life of theirs.

Alison was a young girl who lived her dreams, but kitty always discriminated her and never let her be by herself. Kitty had a best friend who was rich enough to buy whatever she liked. Kitty had her demands then. Alison was elder to Kitty and couldn’t always bend on their tantrums. One accident moved the whole story to different level, Kitty didn’t deserve to be sick nor did her friend deserve to die. Keeping aside all the where about. As a kid Alison was raped by her fellow mate, or do I say she just let it happen? Alison grew up as an art teacher who worked for her living. But when the past effected the future meaning of life had to change.

She was then accused the reason for the accident, and the only person who could bring her out of this mess was Kitty. But kitty is sick who doesn’t remember a thing, will she remember them and help her sister come out of the accusation?

You ll know it once you read!!

This story has many things to say, many things to make us understand. Love between Siblings can never be compared to anyone in this whole world. It’s not necessary for them to be together, a thought in mind missing each other is much more than words can say.

Book review : Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher

Thirteen Reason Why


Thirteen Reasons Why?
Isn’t the title interesting and more of a curiosity breaker? The first thought which came on my mind when I went through this book was the title, it’s an interesting book.
The story directly begins with the recordings which has been sent to clan clearly stating the reason behind her death. She puts an effort to narrate the story or we can say narrate the story of her life to everyone whom she once lived with. I wouldn’t go more in detail about the different tapes, as I want you guys get hold of it.

Suicide, The act of giving up on life voluntarily. When you hear the work suicide you get many thoughts running around your mind.
Why? What? When? How?
Why would anyone suicide?

There particularly wouldn’t be a reason for an individual to give up on life, it’s one individual’s personal choice of not giving a chance to live and let live. Hannah baker, a school going girl never had a thought of giving up on her life. But what made her take such drastic step? Love? Commitment? It was ignorance, it was all about her being treated like an outsider, who had to take all the insults for herself. She wasn’t treated well and being a girl of dream she couldn’t accept the fact of not being treated right.
From the day being first kissed to the last day of her life, she includes twelve people who aren’t closely responsible but gave her hope to give up on life. We always see people giving Hope, to lead a happy life, but here that’s not the case. Knowingly or unknowingly she tried her best of giving several chance to her life, but it didn’t help her anyways.

Hannah took the decision of her life and nobody forced her. It’s a beautiful novel which gives us several reasons to think about and be thankful to people in several ways. She wasn’t angry with anyone at the end, she forgave them. For she was bond to do it.Even if Hannah was treated wrong in a deliberate way, she never uttered a word against anyone. All she did was made tapes, she got her self some tapes recorded them with the message which she wanted to convey, and she only questioned them why was she treated bad amongst of all? Is that what she deserved? From First Kiss to a girl who her friends can comment and just use her to fulfill their own work.

It’s an absolute eye opener to every individual, there were no fault in her and the role which she was given was completely made justice.
Life can give thousands of reasons to be angry but we as an individual let’s stand for yourself and not end our life being a fool.
“Thirteen reasons why “your Astounding!! ❤️

Life , You name It …

Oh look what has life done to us? Gone are the days of being happy for every small reason, now all we do is be sad for every odd reason. Is that we wanted it to be like?
There is so much to learn, so many things to be happy about it. But amongst everything we chose “NOT TO BE HAPPY KIND”.
We have the best life, with the best food and all the pleasures of life are just in our cradle ; Beautiful clothes to wear, exceptionally expensive accessories, cosmetics to apply, Smoothening soft hair which any girl could ask for. As soon as we get up we just have everything ready, there is no time to even feel bad about not having good things for ourselves.
But, how many times have we thought of people around? How many times have we been not happy about all the tiny things which we have in life? Do you realise we have tiny things for ourselves, there are some who don’t get a chance to reach the tiny ones in life. How many times have we shared our stuffs with other people? I am sure it’s not even once. What harm does happen if you think of people around for one day and not about you? Do everything for them once and god will do the rest to you.
There are millions of people all over the world who do not have proper food, shelter and clothing for themselves. I understand we cannot do more about it, but there are some things which can be done and not feel guilty about it later. Be an example as an individual to others, Try sharing the happiness in your life for one day and I am sure you ll be rewarded zillion times better.

It’s in your hands , do you want to be sad of not having something in life or be happy for having better things in life.
Be an example and a difference with a cause!!


Review: Salt Houses By Hala Alyan

Salt Houses


Salt houses is all about a Palestinian family who lives a happy life . But the Kuwait war effects them and even the relationship . Hala has tried to include many people in here who make equal justice to their characters .
It’s clearly a family oriented novel which speaks about the hurdles and the fear they had to live migrating from places together . This novel closely touches the heart of every Muslim and Arab . Highly concentrating on the faith which we all need to keep on God as an individual and not as a religion .
Incredible Novel “SALT HOUSES” .

Review : My Husbands Wife By Jane Corry

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Love! Lust! Sex! Affair! Breakup! Murder! Complicated??

Everybody dreams of a perfect wedding which has all the happiness in it. Trusting the man more then her life is most important thing which every girl does in life. When a girl gets married in a young age which she isn’t sure about she would certainly get irritated with many things which will make her do things which she shouldn’t be doing.

What happens when that trust is broken by him for a third person in life? When you are left alone with a child and not willing to even give a try? Then comes death. Lily not wanting to marry decided to give a try. She was married to ED, not knowing what a married life looks like she did her best to make things good. A well-established Lawyer, who had the potential and wisdom to work and provide justice to people. The case made her win which gave her loads of name and fame, but later did she realise that it wasn’t the end nor was it the truth. She couldn’t manage her married life as she could have managed from scratch. She was a kind hearted girl who would help people in need, of course her profession ask her to be so.Lily had an Italian neighbor called Carla a school going kid was too attached to them.After couple of months, Lily & Ed had a child.Ed, not knowing what do in life was always disappointed.

Carla, an Italian girl who was once taken care by Lily and Ed comes back to their life unknowingly. Things changed drastically after her appearance in their life. Ed was attracted by Carla. But they fell in love which then destroyed the happily ever after couple.

The sudden death of Ed, shocks everyone which creates the suspense about the killer.


The story is unique which rarely happens, just that a married man easily gets attracted to a young girl who was once taken care as his daughter. Carla knowing the truth that Ed was married couldn’t stop herself from falling for it, the reason she gave was “SHE BEING TEMPTED”. I found this excuse Lame and not convincing. There are 2 situations which happen with the same person which was again clear and gave a clear picture about the book, one in the beginning and the other at the end which gave the readers a hint about the end. It’s a good book for once but it really could have been much better.Yes, its definitely a good book . Thank you Penguin UK for sending me this and here goes my review on the same. 🙂














Love ! Lust ! Sex ! Affair ! Breakup ! Murder ! Complicated??

“FINAL GIRLS” by Riley Sager

Death isn’t something which anyone would be ready to face or be proud about. Nor will anyone like to lose your dear ones.
How would you feel if you just pass over death? That feeling of Oh shit I would have been dead by now. That word itself sounds so scary, doesn’t it? How will you feel if you have to face it in real life?
People used to address her as “FINAL GIRL “but she didn’t like to be called one of it. She always called herself as a survivor. From all the odds that night she survived from the worst of things which could have happened. It’s not easy to just forget all what happened to her years ago. Isn’t it?
Quincy, Lisa and Samantha with the rest of their friends had a ride to a world of death, not all returned back but the ones who did are still not able to let it go.

Quincy was a baker, I believe she did justice to her character as much others did. But, the past was ruling over her present life which wasn’t okay from my side. Yes Lisa died, and Quincy had no clue about Sam nor did she see her any time before. But fine day a random girl pops out calling herself as SAM.  Not having a clue about SAMs were about she agreed to make the stranger stay with her which was again not acceptable. She lived with her boyfriend Jeff who trusted her more than anyone else, but did she trust him?  She trusted the cop more than her boyfriend at some point too. Was her relationship with Jeff going to remain after he got know the truth? There are certain questions which are still not answered.

Lisa being one of the victim, never took a step forward to contact any of the final girl but she was found dead. Even though there were certain evidence nobody took a step to find the guy who killed her. Nothing much is in deep about Lisa

Sam or Samantha, this character has been thrown in here who randomly steps into each of their life. Who herself has no clue about what to do next? You would never encourage someone to do wrong, but Sam was one of it. But is Samantha the final girl? Or is she someone else playing Sam

Suspense in this novel doesn’t even give you a chance to think of any third person getting involved in it. All that was in there was just supposed to happen, it’s a unique story with loads of suspense, and thriller and the ending is the least which anyone could expect. It could have been better.
The suspense has been canned till the end and only in the last chapter the truth and the reality of the cottage deaths is known.
Pick them up and do let me know your reviews.

Thank you Penguin Publisher for the book , Here’s  my review about “FINAL GIRLS”.


Engaged …

All I can say is Truly Disappointing , Expected to be one of the best but the story was not convincing . The starting of the Novel went really well but I believe in between there were too many things happening which made the end be a dramatic one.

Expecting something really better next time.

Heading on to my next read !!

Otherwise ENgaged


Love !!

It started with being a friend, which then moved to being best friend
then it was a close friend…
Never realized these circle of friendship would give birth to a new word called “LOVE”
That’s a beautiful feeling to live with.

LOVE is a 4 letter word which has a beautiful meaning and the one who knows the true meaning of it will always respect it. ❤️

A Day Called “Beautiful Day”

Beautiful Day


How’s it to get married with the letters written by your mother and not have her beside you for the big day ?
Well yes , Jenna had to….
She was all hyped to fulfill all her dreams of her late mother and the notebook which she left for her with all the do’s and dont’s  for the wedding . Jenna made sure she fulfill all of them , but this isn’t about her alone . Her beloved father who isn’t happy with his second wife for any of the obvious reasons and Maria , Jenna’s sister having an affair with her fathers friend . Will this work out for all these gathered there in ?

Conclusion :
On an average of good and bad , I would rate it with not so good . It’s an average story and I personally thought there would be some hidden mystery . Jenna following her mothers steps were completely okay but not until she actually just lets her dream be erased . Too many characters in there which would create too many confusions and heartbreaks . This novel is a complete play of emotions . The end was not convincing , expected something much much better .

Cheers !!

Happy Reading 🙂

Life <3

We always believe life is were there are loads of people around you,

Laughing , crying , playing ,having fun or just being a bunch of them.. 

Its just a matter of time .. It will fade.. this time will fade

What remains after this is a scar in yourself ❤